International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

International Journal of Agricultural Sciences is an open access journal published by the Graduate Program of Andalas University. IJASC publishes original research findings from throughout the world related to strategic and applied studies in all aspects of agricultural science, as well as reviews of scientific books or other publications of current agricultural relevance.

Specific topics of interest include (but are not confined to): 
1. All aspects of crop and animal farming and businesses, 
2. The scientific underpinning of agronomy and animal husbandry, 
3. Engineering solutions, 
4. Agro-industrial systems, 
5. Decision support systems, 
6. Land use, 
7. Environmental impacts of agriculture and forestry, 
8. Socio-economics of agricultural development, 
9. Impacts of climate change, 
10. Rural biodiversity 
11. Experimental design and statistical analysis, 
12. The application of new analytical and study methods (including molecular studies).




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Vol 4, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents


Hien Xuan Tran, Huong Lien Huynh, Thanh Trung Nguyen
Muhammad Hendri, Rahmat Syahni, Nofialdi Nofialdi, Ifdal Ifdal
Fauziah Fauziah, Hasnah Hasnah, Rusda Khairati
Zelfi Zakir, Sri Wahyuni, Faidil Tanjung
Teki Surayya, Gudivada Rajendra Prasad, Arigela Srinivasa Rao, Jetti Srinivasa Ravisankar, Matcha Johar Khrisna, Indukuri Satyanarayana Raju
Tu Ngoc Phan Thi, Ardi Ardi, Warnita Warnita